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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Superman Delivers

How many girls can say they got flowers, lilies to be specific, from Superman? Aren't they beautiful? Oh baby, he does more than deliver... [that may have sounded kinky...] I'll have to get one of those blogs with an adult content warning to proceed... Nah... never mind... There's just some stuff ya'll don't need to know anything about.

What I meant to say is that Superman anticipates my needs before I do as well as what would bring me joy, peace, a smile or will bring healing to my body, and mind. It has to be that X-ray vision. He can see into my soul. Truly he can.

If you knew how many times I ask him when we're driving, "Can you slow down please?" He answers sweetly, "Sure, Wonder Woman." Even when he's already going 10 miles slower than the speed limit... He never rolls his eyes when I say, "I don't like that car!!!" (for the umpteenth time in 5 minutes) My PTSD tells me the auto is coming straight for our car or is going to weave into our lane. He never makes me feel silly for gasping or hiding my face in my lap. He just moves over in another lane or slows down. On some days I may have more triggers than others. He reaches over and pats my hand or leg.

So when I recently became infected with worms he never flinched! Nope not once... In fact he was the one who diagnosed me.

Oh did I say "me"?? I meant to say my puter had worms. Boy... Opie just ran out of here like a wild man. Nobody likes to hear the word worms unless you're going fishing. And a cat certainly doesn't want to hear you say they have worms or wants to eat a "funny shaped piece of cheese" with a hard cylinder inside it... Cats and dogs always know when you're trying to hide a pill in their kibbles. But what you don't always know is when your puter has become a home for critters of the viral type, the worms of cyber space, the bots and villains that prey on the innocents. Until it is too late. Creepy....

But who is Superman's alter ego? Clark Kent. Mild mannered computer wizard. He's not afraid of no stinking worms. So if you were wondering where I've been...

I was hiding under the bed.
The bots know where I live.

Well not really... but I've been without my laptop for awhile. So I'm very happy to be back here in Blogville. I missed you all terribly!

Thank you all for all the love you sent my way for my Mom and my son. Jake, Ashley & Emery are leaving early Saturday morning for CA to visit his dad. Please keep them in your thoughts. They're driving from here (OH) to CA. Long trip with a baby.

My Mom is home, and is doing really well. Her surgery went much better than we could have hoped for. I can't even begin to tell you how happy that makes all of us.

Stay tuned. I have some really cool things to share with you in upcoming posts! New art. Pics of the Lily Pad. A blog radio interview. An update about the contest I mentioned having about a month ago. [see how I just tossed out a teeny, tiny tidbit about a totally, freaking, sah-weet blog radio interview like it was lettuce on a sandwich when actually I'm about to wee muh giddy self from sheer excitement???]

Plus, a peeecture of me wearin' muh monkey pantz... Uh huh... Neon, baby.


  1. Glad your computer has been dewormed. I missed you. hugs.

  2. Oh this was a great post! Welcome back, I missed you madly. Does Superman have a brother? I know, I know you've heard THAT before. *sigh* Can't blame a girl for tryin'! And please don't ever tell me you have worms again *ugh, shudders*

  3. Nice lilies! Superman sounds dreamy. Glad he delivers! Ha! =)

  4. Glad your mom is ok Ms. L. Love the post

  5. so my age without the balance board is 56. so there. & can we please have superman teacher jake how to do this slowin down thing even at 10 miles per hour? & considering how you explained what you think cars are doing i'm wondering what the heck i have then?! i couldn't have ptst syndrome! i just still act like i'm pregos but that's what i think all cars are doing, too. i literally jump outta my seat sometimes.

  6. What an impressive ode to love and life.

    Please have you all a wonderful Saturday.

  7. I love lilies! ... and Lilles LOL
    Glad you got dewormed.

    I'll be praying for their safe trip and for the emotional stuff.

  8. oh the flowers are beautiful! I'm so glad your mother is doing well. :)

    Light to You and Yours!

  9. Thank you everyone!! I am blessed to have Superman in my life and relieved my Mom is ok. No more worms unless I go fishing or am turning soil in my garden~


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