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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are You A Free Spirit?

Silver Rose Band, 1975
That's me on the far right in my first band, Silver Rose. I was the lead vocalist, and wrote the lyrics for most of our songs. That's my bicycle leaning on the fence. That's how I got to band practice most days... or to work.... or to play.... or wherever my two wheels would take me. Ahhhh... memories. And that's an overall skirt I'm wearing. I wore this nearly everyday, and loved it with a passion. Looking back, I see I've always been a free spirit. Are you?

C'mon... Join the festivities on November 20, 2009. You don't even have to leave your house. Put on a pair of your overalls, and snap a pic. Post it on your blog (let us know), send it to me, add it to facebook or the gang of other free spirits in our flickr group. Or wear them all day long like I will be.

Tell me how you're a free spirit. With or without monkey pants.... errr I mean sassy overalls. Please visit Niels who thought this whole thing up. International Overall Day Nov 20 ~Sassy~


  1. Unfortunately, I don't own a pair, but I'm sure looking forward to the pictures!

  2. You look good! and it appears to have been a fun group. I don't own any overalls and I don't think I ever have.

  3. I used to be a free spirit... but now I charge out the *ss! ;)

    I'll put on Mr J's overalls for a pic.

  4. What a cool photograph!

    Well, I wouldn't necessarily call myself a "free spirit", but I went to the Key Spouse training today (it's a military thing), and was told that I'm a "rule-breaking nonconformist". Heh.

  5. I don't own my road pack anymore and it didn't quite wear as easily as a pair of coveralls over all.

  6. boy overalls.. I remembe a pair of overall shorts I think I literally wore all summer.... loved them... love the picture by the way.. brings back some good memories of earlier days....

  7. I don't have overalls, but I have several piars of patchwork baggy pants bought in Glastonbury, which are my "uniform" with a vest in summer and a sweatshirt in winter.I guess having a caravan in Glastonbury makes me feel free spirited! Kath in England

  8. I had several pairs of overalls the last time they were in style, unfortunately I don't believe I can quite squeeze into them anymore but we will see...
    Free spirit? Is that what you call that, it's a good word. My kids say it's a rebel without a cause or tilting @ windmills in reference to their mother. Where did I go wrong?LOL

  9. Really enjoyed the article and the picture. I barely remember 1975 if it were not for the fact that I got arrest as a juvenile for selling Cigarettes on mt Schwinn Stingray 5-Speed.

    I was making a fortune at it until the police came, took the smokes, money and all. Of course the evidence, most of each was missing.

    Really enjoyed coming here, and take care!


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