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Monday, November 16, 2009

Thought I'd Lost It...

Someday, someone, somewhere will wonder who this dark haired girl smiling from her eyes down to her barefoot toes, and playing ring around the rosey with her friends was....

Thank goodness I found these pictures. I thought I'd lost them. Whew... This was part of a series of shots we did for our band, Silver Rose. That's me with the dark hair grinning like I'd smoked a fatty. Geez... it was the 70's... What can I say? Except these are the memories I want to take with me to my grave. The "me" I want my family, and friends, to remember. They are pictures of me living my dreams. There's nothing sweeter than that.

That's my dear friend Louie Baker on the left. He set the timer and ran in before the shutter snapped this classic picture. Yes, that's Louie. He always looked smooth even under the most adverse conditions. He, to me, was the king of smooth, and was [probably still is] one of the biggest dreamers I've ever met. Louie could sell his visions, ideas, and next big dream like no other person I've ever met. And you can tell by the picture we all loved Louie. If anyone knows this man... please tell him I love him.... still.... to this very day.

Louie taught me to dream big, and to never let anyone, or anything, stop me from chasing my dreams. I need to remember this message more than ever at this time in my life. I'm framing this picture to use as a visual carrot to help me move forward and faraway from PTSD.

Oh and before I forget... The main reason I went digging to China looking for these pics was because of the overall skirt Carol, the blond in the middle, and I are wearing because.............

Friday, November 20th
is International Overalls Day!!!
Click here for more details

Put them on, take a pic, send it to our flickr group, and have a little fun. One day, someone, somewhere will look back at the pics we take this Friday, and will say, "Now that was pretty darn cool." See that button on the right of my page???

Grab it for your own page, and link back to I.O.D.
In 5 days we're going to make HISTORY!


  1. I love the old pictures and I love your fond memories of them! I love reading Blogs.. occasionally you find authenticity.... YOU are truly authentic :)

  2. I love the free-spirited feeling of the photo. Sadly, I have no overalls, or overall pictures. =)

  3. I've got a surprise for you come Friday!

  4. fantastic Lily, I'm so happy that you and me and all the others are making it and show people it is not only a great past, but happening right now ! thanks and hugs from the dark north

  5. Not only is the photo beyond beautiful but you look GORGEOUS and FREE in it. What a great memory to have...

  6. I look back at the seventies and try to remember what the fuss was all about. Overall the days were no more out of place than any other. It is good you have a peaceful past to retreat to but then never stay behind that wall for too long buddy. There is a present for building that needs you.

  7. ~~Myst-72... Thanks!

    ~~Eva... I'm finding my sassy pants were there all along! Thanks!

    ~~Liseylew.. What a wonderful thing to say. Thank you so much. I'm grinning like I ate the whole enchilada! =]

    ~~Susan.. It was so good to take a look back, and see "that girl". She's still here inside me waiting to come out and play. Well actually she does. Just ask Superman. He loves it when she dances in the aisles at the super market! LOL No problems about not owning any bibs. Lots of peeps are getting them at thrift stores for the day. =]

    ~~Lily... Oh girl... I will NOT sleep a wink now. I know you're getting back at me for teasing you to visit my pother site. LOL Good one! It's working! Arghhhhhhh! hmmmm maybe Mr. J will talk......

    ~~Niels.. This is so much fun! Thank you so much for asking me to participate. The excitement mounts! YEAH!

    ~~Suzy.. WOW I am so flattered. Thank you! It is indeed a fabulous memory to have under my belt.

    ~~Mark.. You are faithful to remind me to remember what and where I need to be. I need that, Mark. Thank you. Oh and the overall mania is fun. It's keeping my child heart sassy. =]


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