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Monday, March 28, 2011

Royal Mail From the UK-- Hope Rocks

As soon as I saw the postal markings on the large, white envelope Superman brought into the bedroom for me this past week, I got excited. The package said "Royal Mail". Receiving mail has always been a Christmas like experience for me for as long as I can remember but once I realized who had sent me the package I squealed like a kid opening presents on Christmas morning.

I'd been resting in bed after my knee surgeries with Opie Taylor lying right beside me when Superman brought the mail in for me to open. He must have sensed my excitement because he perked right up, ready to see what had caused me to sit right up. I could see his tiny, pink nose twitching like a bunny's trying to catch a whiff of the object getting my utmost attention. Here's the story lined up in pictures as we open the package.

These are action shots so they may be a little fuzzy
(just like Opie)

The ribbon gets his attention right off the bat.

He takes it in his mouth.
He tugs, and pulls on it.
Inside the blue & white carton is a bundle of
purple tissue covering a small hard item.

Opie works until he gets it in his mouth.

Success! He then pulls it out of my hand
and drops it to the bed to further investigate.
Inside the purple tissue paper is a Hope Rock
with a delightful feather attached to its side.
The card inside reads ,
"To my adopted big sis, Lille"
How can a kitty resist??
They simply cannot...
Thank you, Dee Champion, my little sister across the pond,
for showing me some love Hope Rock style!
I am tickled, loved and healing!

I have mailed several Hope Rocks to friends who needed a little or a lot of Hope in their lives. I had no idea how amazing it feels to open a package and find a Hope Rock someone had lovingly made for me. I held it in my hand and thought of all my blessings, plus all of the things I had to be thankful for, and how loved I am. How could one not heal with a bundle of love like that??

My challenge, or encouragement depending on how you choose to look at it, is for you (whomever is reading this, whenever it's being read... today, next week, a month from now, etc) to make a Hope Rock and mail it to someone you know who could use some Hope. All you need is a rock and a Sharpie pen. Or you can get as creative as you wish. Fancy or simple does not change the message or detract from the messenger's intention. It is a powerful gift either way. Take a picture of your Hope Rock like Judith, from Renton, WA, did below before you mail it and post it on the Hope Rock Fan Page on FaceBook. Thank you so much for spreading Hope to the people of Renton, WA, Judith!

On one side Judith McWilliams Collins painted happy, silly faces
and on the other side she wrote the word Hope.
Very fun, and creative!

Sign up below to play along or leave me a comment to let me know you are participating. If you have a blog, I'll link back to you so others can see your Hope Rocks and where you hid them. That's the whole point of Hope Rocks. Paint them, hide them for someone to find and sleep well knowing you gave someone a loving blast of Hope! New visitors to Woodstock Lily's, you may read the Hope Rock story above at the top of the page listed right under my colorful header. The Mr. Linky below also lets people see the link to your blog. That's a good thing so sign up and play along.


  1. I do need to make time to do some rocks of my own. I gathered some from my favorite spot, but they're still on the rear floorboard of the car!

    I'm thrilled that someone thought to send one to you! I know it had to mean so much.

  2. Hey Birdie Mama! I finally got my post up!! Hope Rocks is taking root down in Texas! :) XOXO

  3. You are loved in Middle America too! Lille much love to you and Opie while you heal. All that purring is a healing tone. Xoxxo. Terah

  4. Hi Lille, I'm glad Opie had some fun with the Hope Rock too. I'm glad it survived the journey across the pond too :) I hope you're recovering nicely and that your knee isn't too uncomfortable in the process.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs across the pond :)

  5. Mmm my comments keep disappearing, let's try again, lol. Lille, your post made me giggle, I'm glad Opie had some fun with the hope rock too. The white feather denotes my little twist on it. When I went in for my breast cancer operation I kept finding white feathers all over the place, I like to think it was a sign from my guardian angel that all would be well. I hope your guardian angel takes care of you always xxx

  6. What pretty little Hope Rocks! And how nice of Opie to help you. I am hoping to get out and spread some of mine around this weekend, now that I finally (finally!) have weekends off! :)



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