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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hope Rocks Week 7

Carole Bryson Wood from the UK made these Hope Rocks
and hid them in Rochdale, Lancashire, UK.
Carole's Hope Rocks have a special message on back
to remind people about breast cancer awareness.
Thank you, Carole and welcome to Hope Rocks.

Our fan page on facebook (click here for the Fan page) keeps growing, and growing, thanks to all of you who have helped spread the word. The Hope Rocks people are making just blow me away, and the stories they share with me make me want to squeal with glee because so many people are giving, kind and want to help others feel inspired or hopeful again about whatever it is in life they need or have been praying to happen.

I've seen story after story about people who have huge needs yet choose to make a Hope Rock so someone will find it and feel hope in their hearts. I'd say this is paying it forward, as Betsi Procter, wrote on our Hope Rock FaceBook page.

Here are a few more wonderful people and the Hope Rocks they've made.

Tina Mansfield from OK made this beautiful Hope Rock.
Thank you, Tina! Let us know where you hid it on the fan page!

Andrea from Falling Ladies hid her Hope Rock on a sidewalk leading to a lake.
A few days later it was gone...
Her detective work to see where it ended up may surprise you.
This woman is dedicated! Thank you, Andrea!

Sandy Coleman from Creations by Coleman made this Hope Rock and added some bling to it. Look at the picture closely before you hop over to her blog to see where she hid it to see if you can guess where she hid it. I love the creative places people, like sandy, are coming up with to leave a Hope Rock at.

Sign up in the Mr. Linky's box below to help me know you are playing along this next week. I'll look for your pics on the Hope Rocks FaceBook page, too.

Let's Keep Hope Rockin'!!


  1. Lille,

    I so love hearing these stories. You have really touched upon something here. We are all need so much, yet we all are so willing to give whatever we can. And who knew rocks could be so creative? Wonderful. Wonderful. NPR needs to hear about you. Smooches.:-)

  2. I left another rock and my mom and dad got in the fun too!
    check out my post!


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