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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Caturday's with Opie

I may need to get some ears like Opie's.
Somehow he can make a face...
errrr I mean a bad hair do look better, don't you think?
I'm sure it's the ears.

Me circa 1978 modeling days.

No wonder my cat is strung out on kitty grass.
Join us next week for another edition of
Caturday's With Opie.


  1. The resemblance between the two of you is uncanny! How funny that Opie willingly (I hope) models hairstyles for you!

  2. Love the Opster no matter what hairdo he has. Dylan.

  3. I really like Caturday's with Opie. Very neat idea to "wig" the cat from your own photos.I hope the kitty grass helps, but if not, catnip might be fun. Your friend, Fisher

  4. The latest is kitty fashion. Fun times.

  5. I think he looks pretty darn cool :)

  6. Ooh la la! That is one hot mama! And you look pretty damn fine, too! :)
    Love me that Opie cat...


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