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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Caturday's with Opie

Attention cat and animal lovers!
It's time for another weekly edition
of Caturday's with Opie.
You have to admit he's a great sport
for modeling all the silly hair styles
I've had throughout the years.

If this is your first time to check out
Caturday's with Opie, make sure to scroll back
to see the other posts featuring Opie wearing
my hair styles. This week's Caturday's features a
hair style taken from my 8th grade school picture.
Yes, we can be silly around here at Woodstock Lily's.
Silly is good for what ails you.

Opie knows how to pose, and loves the camera.
Thanks to Audry Smart, my fabulous assistant,
and fantastic artist, who creates this magical fun
of Opie and me using Photoshop.
Opie does not wear wigs nor was he
harmed creating any of these pictures.
He's just likes to have a little fun, too.

Check back next week for another addition of Caturday's.

Surgery Update
My double knee surgery this past Tuesday went very well. I'll admit there were a couple of days this past week I questioned my sanity for doing both knees at the same time, but now that the severe pain has subsided, I'm convinced I did the right thing. I haven't used my crutches for the last day and am walking fairly well even if it's snail paced. Opie Taylor hasn't left my side much except to eat and take care of business. He's really quite a comfort, and intuitively senses my emotions, physical condition, and my mental state. Superman has been my white knight in shining armor underneath that red cape, and never flinched when I had my cranky pants on during the extremely painful few days right after the surgery. He's an amazing man without a doubt. Thank you, Superman, and Opie Wan Kenobe.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to each of you who've sent me cards, messages and posted regularly on my FaceBook page asking how I am or sending love and healing. I can feel each ounce of caring, and love from you. In no time, I'll be back kicking my heels up, and dancing in my studio like a teenager. Plus as soon as I can stand or sit comfortably, I'll be finishing the angel painting and video.

~Much love and gratitude to you all~


  1. Cute photos! Once the swelling goes down on your knees you will feel just amazing. Well done for keeping a positive attitude - it will make all the difference. Hugs from Edinburgh.

  2. Knee sugery is a bummer... and I've only had one knee operated on. I hope your recovery goes well.


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