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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hope Rocks Week 8

This Hope Rock was made by Andrea from Falling Ladies Blog's mother.
Check out that sassy handmade cover!!
Thank you so much for spreading Hope in such a creative manner.

Starting the week of March 21, I'll be moving the Hope Rocks posts to Mondays. I'm having surgery on both knees on the 15th of this month so may miss next week's Hope Rocks post. I'm relieved the doctor is able to take care of both of them at the same time. I'll definitely be taking some Hope Rocks with me to the hospital. One for me to hold onto and some others to leave for the next patients or staff.

Regardless of my posting or not next week on my blog, you can always go to the Hope Rocks page on FB to leave your pics and comments there. Click HERE to get there. Just let me know if I miss your posts on your blogs so I can link up to you in the next edition of Hope Rocks on Woodstock Lily's.

This weeks players are....
Ummm bet you didn't know you were players did you?

OK... How about this?
This week participants in Hope Rocks are....
Drum roll, please!

Well, you all saw the snazzy Hope Rock above created by Andrea's Mom and Dad. They saw her posts about Hope Rocks and wanted to get in the action, and boy they sure did just that! I tell you this just keeps getting more and more spectacular seeing all the creative ways people decorate their Hope Rocks. Andrea and her Mom both hid their Hope Rocks in a similar location. Caring runs in your family, Andrea, and I am honored to have you and your parents onboard with us here at Hope Rocks. Thank you, Thank you, thank you!! Go check it out to see where they hid their Hope Rocks. Falling Ladies Blog

Andrea's Hope Rock this week.

I have a prayer request for 2 people.

1. Dee, who you all read about here on my blog. She needs some prayer warriors to storm the hospital doors to get a surgery to remove a cyst on her ovary. The staff hasn't been too cooperative and Dee needs some peace in her heart about this. Please pray for peace of mind for her, strength, for the cyst to shrivel up and die, and for her to feel each and every prayer sent her way. ((((Dee)))) feel the peace, love, and cyst shrinking! We've got your back!

2. Rita, she's the best friend of my best friend's daughter. Rita was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in December. It spread and has been growing rapidly after a surgery she had. She's in the hospital now recovering from a nuclear blast of chemo. She's having another scan this next week to see how the tumors responded to the chemo. Her husband's name is John. Pray for him, too. They are a super couple and need a break NOW! I sent them both a Hope Rock last week. Rita's been handling her illness with humor and great faith. She's an inspiration to all.

Meanwhile, keep the Hope Rocks coming. The world needs HOPE. Pray that people who need hope find it and those who have it, hold on to it. There are times we are called to stand in the gap when others are tired. This is why making Hope Rocks can and does change lives. It's a tangible form of Hope they can hold onto.

Don't forget to sign up on the Mr. Linky below so I know you're participating this week. Thank you!!


  1. Lille you are such a darling what would we do without you? Let's not even go there, we have you and we're so so grateful for that. Thank you for your kind wishes, you are such a loving, giving person. I will be thinking of Rita, I can't imagine what a hard time she's had. I am willing her to find strength to fight this horrid disease - personal experience tells me that it's an awful lot easier when you know there are people fighting your corner for you. So Rita, know that we're fighting your corner for you - we are willing you to get better and sending you supercharged healing love and energy, big hugs and love.

    Loving those new rocks up in little covers up above - how sweet are they :)

  2. we will be praying for Dee and Rita, and you next week. Be at peace...

  3. Good vibes and thoughts being sent to you. Good luck with the surgery.


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