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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Caturday's with Opie

This is the new weekly fun at Woodstock Lily's
called 'Caturday's with Opie'.
He'll be modeling my hair styles through the years.
For those of you who've grown up with me
you already know this will be scary...
errrr I mean hairy.
I've had more hair styles and colors including
some I'd prefer not to show you but...
The show must go on.
Yes, that's his tongue sticking out.
No photoshop on that.
Just a taste of the antics of a cat that wears monkey pants.
Everyday, all day.

Me in 2nd grade.
I was missing my two front teeth
and desperately wanted to hide that fact.
Had I known Opie's tongue trick I'd have done it.

The similarities in the two of us are alarming close
yet not in a Deliverance kind of way...
This is just the beginning of more silliness.
Lord, I love silliness.

As a footnote...
Opie Taylor found love on the web this past week. I was Skyping with an old friend from CA and he jumped up on my lap to see what I was doing. My friend, Betsi, saw him and pulled her cat Molly up to show me. Opie saw her, too. He made a Scoobie Doo noise just like all men do when they see a hot chick, and instantly fell in love. Yes, friends, I have a smitten kitten. I just hope the timing for the debut of Caturday's With Opie doesn't throw a monkey wrench into the monkey pants.


  1. Oh Lille, that is hair...hillarious! I think the ribbons really suit him :) Thanks for spreading some smiles ... you always do :)

  2. LOL, Dee! I have been plotting this for over a year. I only wish I'd thought of hairlarious like you did!! Happy it made you giggle, Dee. <3 YOU!

  3. Ack! That cat! Oh my goodness, he does indeed make me LOL out loud! At work!
    More hugs -

  4. I hope that tongue sticking out isn't a commentary on his having to model. Brings a new definition to being on the 'catwalk'!

    And I am all too familiar with that Scooby Doo noise, issuing from mine own throat...(sigh)

  5. What a great way to start my Caturday. Tell Romeo that Molly says Meeeeeeeeeooooooowww!!

  6. That is way too funny! Opie, you are one cool (and very brave) cat.

  7. I had to come back and look at that silly Opie cat again - he just makes my day! :)

  8. Such cute photos!
    I feel the same about your art. They are all so beautiful!


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