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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hope Rocks Week 6

My wee friend, Andy from Scotland, Living a Simple Green Life, made this Hope Rock in memory of Wonder Dog, our beloved Black lab who passed away in January. If this isn't just the coolest gesture ever, I don't know what is! Thank you, Andy!!

More cool Hope Rock Stars Stories

Bonnie Pederson, founder of Magic of Depression workshops and webinars, is spreading Hope in Haiwaii. If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with depression, please visit her site to get more information and help. Bonnie's powerful story can be read by clicking on the picture below of her Hope Rocks she made. Thank you, Bonnie for participating in Hope Rocks!

Bonnie's Hope Rocks (click on picture above to get info)

Dee Champion's Hope Rocks Story

You may remember Dee from an interview I did with her previously. Dee is one of the sweetest women I know. She's battled breast cancer head on with remarkable bravery, and is now facing the removal of a tumor on her ovary. Dee tackled this recent discovery by choosing to spread hope to others. She's been busy making Hope Rocks to take with her to the hospitals and doctors offices. Plus, she gathered up an army of people in the UK to also participate with Hope Rocks. Thank you all so much!!

I'm asking each one of you who lands on this post to stop right now and send Dee some love, healing and HOPE for great news as she undergoes this surgery. Your prayers and loving thoughts will encase her body, her mind, her indomitable spirit, and will help her heal after the surgery. Dee, we are with you in spirit, in LOVE and in mind. We are your army marching ahead of you, beside you and behind you. Close your eyes, and soak up this powerful, healing love, girlfriend!!

Click on Dee's Hope Rock pic below to hear the interview with her.

Thank you to Terah, from Cowgirl Red for encouraging a new follower, Creatively Sensitive to Woodstock Lily's to participate in Hope Rocks, too. Below is the rocks she found on the beach, and if you click on her pic below you can see how these Hope Rocks were transformed into works of art. Plus you see the clever place she selected to hide one. Thank you, Creatively Sensitive, for joining the Hope movement in your area.

Creatively Sensitive Hope Rock Before pic

Click on the pic to support us on FaceBook! Thanks!
Sign up for this week's Hope Rock's play along below on the Mr. Linky.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to Wonder Dog! I'm on my way to Honduras with my Hope Rocks! Xoxox. Terah

  2. Oh my gosh Lille, I just came across here to catch up with your blog and didn't expect to find this. I have cried so many good tears this morning, so may inspiring messages of hope I thought I had none left and then I found this, what can I say? How can I let you know how much I appreciate your wonderful, continued support? I truly truly believe there are angels walking on this earth and I believe I have had the honour of connecting most profoundly with one of them. From the bottom of my heart Lille, thanks so very much. I love you xxx. Thank you also to everyone who is sending out some positive vibes for me. I really do feel like I have an army of hope. Wishing you all lots of peace and love in your lives xxx

  3. I love all the sparkly and shiny Hope Rocks! Must be the crow in me. Sending prayers, love and hope to your gorgeous friend Dee as we speak.


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