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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dee Champion, an angel with a message of hope

Dee Champion

Grace is a beautiful word, and describes Dee Champion to a T. Her story is full of grace, courage and hope. I met Dee through an online art class, Suzi Blu's Les Petit Academy shortly after she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Dee battled cancer head on by filling her time doing positive things like art rather than hibernating with negative thoughts. Her spirit captivated me and challenged me to not fear my own demons of PTSD. Never once have I heard anything but positive words come out of her mouth. How could I not be encouraged by this woman with the last name Champion and the smile of an angel?

Dee is participating in a race this next Sunday, June 20. On my side bar you can see the link to the race and instructions how to donate money to help find a cure for all cancers, not just breast cancer. Unfortunately, all of us will be touched by cancer in one way or another during our lifetime. You can help by donating even $5.00. She has nearly doubled her original pledge which is fantastic. Wouldn't it be great to triple it or more?

Please share this post with your friends. You are more than welcome to link back to this post on your blog so women everywhere can learn more about breast cancer, the importance of self exams, what happens when you've been diagnosed, breast reconstruction and most importantly how early detection can save your life. Dee allowed me to ask her some tough questions. Her answers will amaze you, and will help you understand why I love this woman, admire this woman, and want you all to meet her.

Her blog is Life's Not All Black and White. Stop by, tell her hello, and add her to your favorites. If you or someone you know is dealing with breast cancer Dee welcomes them to follow her in blog land. You can find more of her art there. On her side bar (and mine) you'll find links to the delightful Suzi Blu, plus CRESCENDOh, a blog written by Jenny Doh for creatives with the powerful message, and theme, that Art Saves lives, and Creative Every Day with my dear friend, Leah Piken Kolidas, that has been a part of my life for over a year now in helping me focus forward with art to overcome PTSD. The groups I mentioned are wonderful for everyone and can inspire you to use creativity in your life and are also teaching blogs. Fabulous stuff!!!

Listen to this powerful interview and enjoy the pictures below as you listen. Thank you, Dee, for sharing such a huge part of your life with us. Thank you for teaching us, inspiring us, and helping others.

Never Never Never Give Up
is a card created by Becky Hilgendorf,
an artist, and friend, from
Suzi Blu's classes for Dee.
Becky is an artist Dee admires
for her sassy, joyful art.
You can find more of Becky's
art and cards here
pikesbabe on Etsy

Dee's art

Butterfly coasters Dee made.

Dee's art studio

Beautiful Dee shortly
after Joe helped
her shave her head
when she started chemo.

*touch, look and caress*
Doing a monthly self breast exam
is key in early detection

Joe, Dee's best friend, and life partner.

Plymouth, England
where Dee lives and
where the Pilgrims set sail from.
The lovely coast of Plymouth, England.

Dee's kitty, Leeta.

Chasing bubbles on her puter...


  1. Thanks for sharing the interview and the gorgeous pictures of Dee and her homeland. I wish her well.

  2. What an inspirational person! Dee is amazing. And so are you!! Thanks for sharing this story with us. I have 5 friends from work who have had breast cancer in the bast 3 years. It is amazing what these determined women have done in staying positive and getting back to a healthy body.

  3. Hello ladies, I've just stopped by to see what Lille has created from our Skype interview. Wow Lille, I've been sitting here with brimming eyes, how kind you are. It has been my very great privilege to get to know you Lille, you have such a wonderful, giving spirit. So much of my positivity stems from you loving kindness and your generosity of spirit. YOU, my friend, are the living angel. Much love xxx

  4. oh thank you for sharing this with us...She is amazing...I will have to head over and say hello!!!

  5. ~Eva... Thank you so much.

    ~Stephanie...Thank you so much for listening, and sharing. Their message of hope and determination inspires us to check our thoughts/attitudes on a regular basis. Please tell your co-workers thank you for inspiring us just as Dee has.

  6. ~Dee... Like I said in the interview, "YOU are a gift and I wish everyone could unwrap the message, the love and the joy you give to everyone who meets you. You are changing lives. You are an inspiration to us all. I LOVE you! 6 mores days and counting!!!!

  7. ~Diana... Dee will love having a visit from you. You have such a lovely blog. I know she will enjoy meeting you just as I have. Thank you for taking time to listen to Dee's powerful story. xxoo

  8. I can vouch for her being a very beautiful and wonderful person, I am so pleased we got to know each other.

  9. I hope that little message is still doing some good work out there in the ether. Cancer is a huge challenge for anyone, it changes your life forever but I also thank goodness for all the good things it has brought me. I saw a tshirt today and it said - "you can't scare me, I'm a survivor!" and I thought, yes, there is a big part of me that's faced one of my biggest fears and I've really learned there are some things in life which are inevitable - like getting older and I am more than grateful that every day I get a day further toward that opportunity :) Big love to all you ladies out there. Don't forget to give you boobs some TLC - Touch Look Check and don't be afraid to get to the doc if you have ANY concerns. It could save your life.


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