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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kayak Therapy

This is my chill pill.
~My Bliss~

Being in my kayak on a lake
is my outdoor church.
This month, Leah Piken Kolidas,
founder of CED,
Creative Every Day,
asked us to share how we find our bliss.
Kayaking is one way I find bliss.
Yesterday I saw a turtle, approx a foot and a half in diameter, swimming close to the surface of the water as I paddled by. On the shore line we saw deer drinking from the cool blue waters. Multiple herons flew overhead, and we saw a pair of herons standing guard like soldiers indicating there was a nest nearby. Awkward goslings nibbled in the grass by their proud parents. The sky stretched out above us like a painting while the breeze kept us cool. We were as close to heaven as I've ever been.

How I started kayaking...

After the auto accident I spent a few months in physical therapy. I loved the therapy but every time I was in there it reminded me of the accident. I saw a few women kayaking on the lake. I was in awe of these women being brave enough to kayak, so I decided to get a kayak. I took a HUGE risk in buying a kayak without ever being in one. I found it was the beginning of getting my power back. Kayaking made me feel strong. It calmed my PTSD and anxiety attacks. I stopped PT and continued kayaking as often as possible. I guess you could say it was Kayak Therapy.

But then my "boat" got rocked
by an unexpected turn of events...

My regular readers know I moved away from my lakeside home, the Tree House, last August. I hadn't planned on moving but when my landlord rented the apartment below me to smokers--I had no choice. The smoke came up though the vents. I couldn't even sit on my lovely deck because they smoked on their deck. At the time it was heart breaking, and I wondered how I would ever get over not living in my sky high Paradise.

The lake I lived on was extremely beautiful AND huge. But it was also a very popular lake for all kinds of boats, and rowdy people due to all the bars on the lake. I spent a lot of time rocking in the wake of a boat speeding by me. I would kayak for miles to find a waterway that was out of the way of all the boat traffic. After moving, I wondered if I get to kayak again as much as I had before. I'm learning The Universe can turn bad things into good things if you allow it to.

Here's how God/Spirit/the Universe
turns ashes into beauty....

Last November I found my new therapist, Dr. Ed. He's helped me advance quickly toward my goal of being healed from PTSD. One day, while sitting in his office, Superman found a brochure about a woman who practiced Reiki in the same building. Superman called her and set a visit for me. It was the first of many healing sessions. She, too, has helped my body and mind heal from the trauma created by the auto accident.

She told Superman and I about the lake we just explored TWO days in a row now. The new lake is very close, and [insert HUGE grin here] it doesn't allow gas powered boats. [insert squeals of delight HERE] Only electric motors and watercraft with paddles can go out on the lake. Plus, the lake is huge. It's quiet. Peaceful. It is my church. The Universe gave me a new lake to kayak in again.

With more beauty, privacy, trees
and amazing sky lines.
No homes side by side
on every square inch of shore.

Everything happens for a reason.
And in due season
I believe I was given
my heart's desire
in finding this new lake.
I'm learning to see
that trauma, accidents,
and the things that
appear to be hopeless messes...
can be turned into the biggest blessings.

How have your upsets in life
been turned into
things of awe and beauty?


  1. I am so glad you are able to kayak again! Being on a lake is definitely theraputic to the soul!

  2. Just found you on creative every day. I'll check in often. Enjoyed your post in the best way of course; so sorry about the accident. I won't give you awards or tags because I don't know what they are! You are safe from me. I absolutely love that you bought a kayak before even trying it.

  3. Oh! Yeah! I have been thinking about learning to kayak for the past year. I have never been athletic but I really want to try. It is so nice to hear about someone who has taken the plunge! Enjoy!

  4. Actually being broke and deciding I had to paint to make some money if I could a few years ago was like the greatest ego boost....
    Glad you found somewhere else to Kayak.....

  5. So glad you found your bliss at the new lake. I love you, Woodstock.
    Your BFF Dylan

  6. Kayaking is a wonderful activity... it breaths new life into one's soul with every small stroke!! I used to go fairly often but haven't since I moved to California... I should change this! I love the honesty of your posts... I'll be coming back for more often.

    Thank you for following Everyday Bliss! I threw out a little challenge for my new readers today... stop by and play along if you find it fun!

  7. Your blog is thoughtful and wonderful, being on the water is healing for me too.
    Thanks also for stopping by my blog earlier this week :)

  8. What a lovely post!I wish I could be on the water more often, or at least near it. I've thought of buying a kiddie pool for the backyard, but it's just not the same... :)
    And I have tried Reiki also, it is wonderful!

    Hope you and Opie a fabulous, happy, peaceful weekend!

  9. Its funny how things work out isn't it?!

    Have you heard of EFT lille? here's the site
    just search for PTSD, it has been very successful & easy to learn for self... think face to face session is actually easier than reading it... there is a lot of reading on there, but can recommend it!

  10. Oh, this looks toooootally blissful!! Wish I could join you out there on the water right now. :-)

  11. I'm so excited for you! It sounds like a beautiful place. I'm so happy that you're close to putting that demon to sleep once and for all.


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