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Friday, June 18, 2010

Opie Taylor's New Fish

Whatever Opie wants....
Opie gets....
He asked for his very own fish.
How could I say no????

Meet Barney...

No not "that" Barney...
That's Mr. Limpet
Here's Barney...

Hey it was either Barney or Mr. Limpet...

Barney is easier to say
especially for Opie
since he's missing one of his front toofs....
Barney is quite a friendly little guy
Opie loves him.
And so do we.

Hmmmm, now Opie has his very own dog, Canaan, A.K.A. Wonder Dog....
His very own fish, Barney... A.K.A Mr. Limpet....
What could possibly be next???
Stay tuned...

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Thanks so much!!!


  1. Opie is hopelessly spoiled. I hope your excessiveness doesn't come back to bite you in the butt! lol

  2. He looks quite smitten. I love those plant/fishbowl things.

  3. ~Eva... LMAO!! I choked on my toast reading your comment! He is such a scamp isn't he?? I have to keep him. I do!

  4. ~Lori... Actually he is more smitten with the fish food. I think I've created a Beta food junkie outta him... Any time I head to Barney's table, Opie runs to beat me there, meowing like a madman.

    I love the plant/fishbowl thing, too. First time I've had one like this. I may have to get Opie T some more. Geez somebody STOP me please....

  5. I remember when those things first got really popular. I love them! Haven't seen one in awhile. Opie rocks! He deserves his own fish, but... did he want to leave it in the vase, or have it for lunch? LOL

  6. ~Lily... OH he wants the fish food in a bad way, Lily! But he does watch Barney and Barney watches him back. Kinda cute stuff going on here unless Opie is giving Barney nightmares & I just don't know it yet. I wonder if Opie's face take on a fish-eyed look from inside the bowl. All googly and such... Oh well... Barney seems to like it. xxoo

  7. I love my beta, they have such great personalities! I love the tank you have for him, it looks great.

  8. Ha! That is too funny! We had a fish tank when I was a kid and my cat would watch them for hours. He never tried to mess with them. I have a cat now who would swim with the fishes if we'd let him, he is weird that way...

    Good for Opie to keep you (and us!) so amused! :)

  9. My mom had a fish in a plant fishbowl like that and the fish survived by eating the roots!

  10. I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. I came across it through another blog I follow, and I’m glad I did. I am now a follower of yours as well. Feel free to look over my blog and perhaps become a follower as well.

  11. I used to love that show. With Barney and Opie.

    When I worked on a Police Department, Opie was my nickname. Why? Well someone said I looked like Barney and then the Chief said no he looks more like Opie, and it stuck.

  12. Aw, best friends! Bless his little kitty heart, I can't believe he's being so good around a fish! Mine would have a guilty look on his face in about two minutes :)


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