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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hope Rocks Week 5

My dear friend, Pamela Barrett, from CA made the beautiful nature and music video film above . I love the happy ending and almost felt like I had been there in person soaking up the sun. Thank you, Pammy! Hope Rocks has made its first west coast beach appearance!

Southern California is rockin' and rollin' Hope Rocks all over the place.
My new west coast HR specialist, Betsi P, has been making 100's of Hope Rocks.

We'll be taping a video this next week
to share her heart warming story
how making and hiding Hope Rocks
has changed her life.
If you live in the Ojai Valley
you've probably found one of her masterpieces.
This woman is leaving no stone unpainted with HOPE!

Another beach on the other side of the world has been adorned with a lovely Hope Rock made by Sally Hope, singer-songwriter from Wales. You can track her Hope Rock having breakfast, then taking a ride to the coast where it ended up finding its perfect place in the sun. Andy, from Living A Simple Green Life has the pictures on his blog to prove it! Thank you, Sally, Andy and Mel! Please take a few minutes to head over to Andy's place to see this creative tribute to the Hope Rocks fever that everyone's catching!

Help spread the word about Hope Rocks and join us in this week's play along. Sign up below on the Mr. Linky. Find some rocks. Paint or write the word HOPE on them, then hide them in fun places for others to find. Take some pics of where you hid your HR's, send them to me or post them on the official FaceBook Hope Rocks fan page. Or you can make a short video!

Thank you all for the get well wishes! I finally kicked that cruddy crud of a flu out the door for good. 2 weeks is long enough for it to be trying to rob me of my precious life! Get out and Stay OUT! Pffftttt... sure told it how the cow ate the cabbage, didn't I?


  1. Missy Lille D... i ~Love~ You <3 It's TRUE!!! Today i received a WONDERFUL SURPRISE in my letter box... A ~Beautiful~ "HOPE ROCK" and she fills my ~Heart~ and keeps me close to *Yours*...
    Such beautiful cards too sighhh... Your Art is from your ~Heart~ as is the gorgeous card of You & Superman <3 <3 <3 THANKYOU my Lovely *Kisses* & (((Hugs))) xox

  2. Hi Lille, I'm headed to Honduras on Feb 26 with a bag of "Hope Rocks". xoxoo Terah


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