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Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Birdie Sings About Hope Rocks

Rachael from The Little Birdie Blog has a beautiful post up about Hope Rocks. It's inspiring to see how Hope Rocks continues to grow, spread and build momentum. Rachael's blog is full of creativity, and she hosts Tutorial Tuesdays that features 'how-to's' for adorable handmade crafts. Plus if you've been looking for a unique baby gift, Rachael's company, Little Birdie Baby Shop on Esty is the bomb!

If you like Giveaways, Rachael has one on her blog right now featuring OceanBelle's lovely trees made out of precious stones on a hoop much like the dream catchers. She is featuring several trees of Hope on her Etsy page to help show support for Japan. These would make amazing Mother's Day gifts! Check it out for a chance to win. You can find OceanBelle's art on Etsy. Just click on the name or head over to Rachael's Little Birdie Blog to find the complete rules/entry suggestions.

Please join in on the love spreading Hope one rock at a time. use the Mr. Linky below to sign up. It helps me know who to go visit and link back to when you sign up. Or you can leave a comment letting me know you're participating or have a post up about Hope Rocks.

Thank you Rachael for sharing Hope Rocks with your readers and fans~


  1. Love ya Lille!! Thanks so much for the shout out, you're the best! :) xoxo

  2. I thought I left a comment here after Rachael let me know...last month...that you mentioned OceanBelle. I must have hit the wrong button. So, THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT!!! :)


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