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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Caturday's with Opie--Dolphin Love

I know without a doubt if Opie had this opportunity he would be doing the same thing as this cat in the video. So would I... Swimming with the Dolphins is on my Creative To Do List. Would you like to swim with the Dolphins?

Gotta go. Opie wants me to find him a snorkel and fins.



  1. Lille that is so cool. I have cats, I love cats. I can totally see one of my cats doing that. They really have such cool spirits. They are so individualistic. That was sweet. Thanks for sharing. Terah

  2. Oh wow!! I love this.

    Oh - and I have been swimming with dolphins!! Incredible experience, but they weren't as friendly as these!

  3. I love this video too! It shows that connection is powerful beyond measure, and that when we open our hearts, we create beautiful friendships. Love and light ~ Ana

  4. My daughters loved this one... a dolphin pets a cat... who would have thought.


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