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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hope Rocks Week 3

My dear friend, Betsi, floral designer extraordinaire, whom I've known since she was 13 growing up as my little sister's best friend in Ojai, CA has been painting Hope Rocks like crazy. The Hope Rocks above are hers. Betsi will be sending more pictures of her newest ones this week. I'm adding a flickr page for us to contribute to plus they can be found on the Hope Rocks page on FaceBook. Please go hit the Like button today, then share the link on your blog or Facebook page, too. Thanks!!!

Andrea from, "Falling Ladies" blog posted all the Hope Rocks she made, and wrote about a special person she left a Hope Rock to find... herself. Listen to the song, 'Concrete Angels' she has playing on her playlist while you look at her post. It fits the her theme so well and is a healing, feel-good song. Her idea for bringing some hope to her life is brilliant.

Terah from "Cowgirl Red" painted some Hope Rocks before she and her hubby went to Jamaica. Terah sent me a message she would be doing this, and told me if any place could use some hope, it is Jamaica. I agree! Go look at her pictures and she how she was given hope to try something she had become terrified of ever doing again. Terah, your bravery fills me up with hope~

Later this week I'll be sharing a poem an artist/blogger, and wonderful friend, wrote for Hope Rocks. She wrote it for me and gave it to me to share with all of you. I asked her if I could tweak it into a theme song for Hope Rocks. She said yes! I'm on it! I'll post a video of me playing guitar & singing it when it's done. Would you guys like that?

Andy from, "Living A Simple Green Life" made this awesome video below for Hope Rocks, and Mel, his sweet wife painted the Hope Rocks. They live in a really cool Black Bus and live off the grid traveling all over their beloved Highlands in Scotland. Pop over to check out their blog out. If you're like me you'll want to hop the next plane, boat, train or car to go meet them. Superman & I have it in our plans to do just that! We love you Andy & Mel!!

The beautiful voice on the video belongs to Sally Hope, a friend from Wales. Please take a listen to all her music on reverbnation. Click on her name above for a direct connection to her link.

Thank you and thank you to everyone participating in Hope Rocks. If I missed someone please email me at HopeRockStars at g mail dot com. Don't forget to add your name to the Mr. Linky below to let me know you're participating in this week's Hope Rocks play along.

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  1. Very cool! Plenty of rocks here in the desert Southwest! I'll soon start!


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