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Monday, January 10, 2011

Empowering Synchronicity

I've always been a seeker, a curious, cat like creature that couldn't resist following her instincts around a blind corner or up and over a fence to see what's on the other side. The auto accident changed that and this year, 2011, I plan on changing that. On Face Book and blogs everywhere on the web, I've noticed a trend or pattern occurring. People are selecting a single word to invoke change in their New Year rather than making resolutions. I love this idea! I've selected 2 words for 2011. A word can be a powerful thing when used in the right way and I need a NEW word to replace a word that's been holding me hostage in my life. That word is fear.

Fear changed my life
from being a free spirit
to an unrecognizable stranger
chained to thoughts I call the

The what-if's are not real but they can seem very real as if the event, or events, have already occurred. Negative what-if's are layered with thoughts or ideas we imagine will happen, but without the happy endings. One negative thought fertilizes another, then before we know it, we've created multiple vines of untruths in an imaginary horror movie that will probably NEVER happen. What-if's choke the life out of the current moment, the NOW, and rob us from having happy tomorrows. NOTE: What-if's are not the same thing as dreaming about how we'd like to live or things we'd like to do as in making goals. That type of perceiving the future helps us visualize ourselves achieving a goal that's positive in our lives.

The what-if's are much like a plant that is root bound. No healthy plant growth occurs above the soil because the roots are seeking nutrition in a pot that is too small or is full of bad soil. A plant can survive quite a long time in its root bound condition but it's not thriving. I can see I've been living or existing the past 2.5 years since the accident much like this, but not with the full freedom I'd like to have by living without fear.

With PTSD and other disorders of anxiety, or stress related diseases, fear often becomes a way of life. Before you know it, you become house bound or bed bound or simply bound up like that unhealthy plant. We can't produce fruit or flowers or healthy stems if our roots/thoughts are being watered with the what-if's. Negative thoughts can spiral out of control if we don't prune them, or nip them in the bud when they're first forming or pull them out like weeds when we learn to recognize a thought is not healthy. This is the key; learning to recognize them before giving life to the negative thoughts.

Here's how I'm going to change this in my life. In the early 80's I owned a plant business. I'd always loved plants and gardening, and found after I started my business, that I had a natural gift of understanding or communicating with plants. Go ahead... say it... I know you're thinking it. YES, I talk to plants. I talk to trees. Sometimes my communications are spoken right out loud and other times, it's with thoughts. I feel their energy. I can feel the energy in all living things. That's why one of my nicknames is, Dr. Doo-Lille. Even animals, wild or tame, connect with me in unique ways. It's always been this way for me and nature.

But getting back to topic... Whenever I am going to trim a plant or transplant it, I always communicate with it first to let it know what I'm doing and why. I don't want it to feel fear by suddenly getting uprooted or being cut. You can laugh if you wish but I know this is real and it works. This process of communication soothes the plant before the experience and causes no lasting trauma to it. I'm going to use this same technique on myself when fears start to enter my thoughts. My what-if's need to be trimmed away before they take root. My word for 2011 to fix this is, EMPOWERING. I will empower myself by being gentle with myself, just like I am to plants, people and animals. I will lovingly trim the negative thought away and will seal the wound with love. This Lily will thrive with that kind of love.

My second word fits perfectly with the empowering. It's SYNCHRONICITY. Since I'm so good at thinking up all these negative what-if's that I easily turn into full-fledged movies when I'm entertaining fear, it gave me an idea. I love my imagination and love it when synchronicity happens in my life. What if I use that gift of imagination in a positive way? When I pray, or believe that something I ask for will happen, I open my spirit to receive great things. Faith is needed next by believing the Universe/Spirit/God or Goddess (I respect all people's choices of names/words for their Higher Power) will answer my prayer. My experience with answered prayer is that it may not come to me in ways I've expected it would, but it has always arrived just in time. One answered prayer leads to faith for more answered prayers, and then the ball gets rolling, and life gets exciting, and then, and then, and then...

Life becomes magical, fun, exciting, peaceful, and full of miracles happening one after another. I like to think of those moments of answered prayers as synchronicity coming straight from the Creator.

I don't know why I didn't think of this before, except perhaps I needed to experience fear, anxiety, stress, PTSD, and depression INSIDE and OUT as if I were in training to learn everything possible about how it works. Training so I could help others heal, and empower themselves with faith so they can bear fruits of understanding and tolerance for others experiencing the debilitating effects trauma can have on a soul. It took me this long to remember God has always used my pain to help other's with similar pain, and full healing comes when I help others.

The auto accident happened so I could learn how to help others heal from PTSD. If you've read the story about our auto accident then you would know it was lined with miracles every inch of the way. It should have killed all four of us. But it didn't. Why? Because God had bigger gifts of synchronicity all lined up from that moment forward so EACH one of us could fulfill our missions on Earth. All four of us have undergone amazing life changes since the accident.

My words, Empowering Synchronicity, is how I'll live in 2011,
and for as long as needed because my Higher Power wants me to live in the fullness of life, bearing awesome fruits and loving others on this journey called life,
on this amazing planet called Earth,
in an amazing movie I've just discovered
I have creative control over.

Cool bean-a-roos, Peeps!
I'm a Director, and a Leading Lady!

What is your word or words for 2011? Terah from Cowgirl Red's word is Freedom. I would love to see your comments about your word/s for 2011 so I can believe with you. Leave me a comment with your word so other's can see what you're believing in, and together, we can create a movie worth starring in. One filled with love, peace and happy endings. I'll even make the popcorn!


  1. I haven't found my word yet for 2011.

    but wanted to wish ya a Happy New Year

  2. My word for 2011 is meld, the act of combining melt and weld. I need to meld my true self back together so that I can face this world whole, not scattered and fearful (as you so aptly but it). The Olde Bagg, Linda

  3. Hello :) I choose LOVE. When I feel on the verge of behaving angry or spiteful in the face of people who are selfish and mean - I take a deep breath and say to myself "What would love do?". I also choose TRUST. When life or my PTSD beat me down, I remind myself that God is in charge so why lie down and suffer - choose to work hard, appreciate beauty, be positive and trust that God will lead you where you are meant to be.


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