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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

50 Foot Tall Woman

Quick update on how I'm doing after my surgery on Dec 29, 2010. I haven't felt this good in years, at least the last 2.5 years, that's for sure! Superman took me to my 2 week follow up with the surgeon this past Thursday. He had before and after picks of my "insides'... WOW! Now I can see why I was in such pain. There was a large web of scar tissue that had attached my liver to my stomach that also included my intestines and affected my diaphragm.

Dr. Onders, who also operated on Christopher Reeves to help him breathe independently, specializes in the diaphragm. I told him how much deeper I could breathe, and stretch especially on my right side. I had become fearful that I'd lost my ability to sing because I couldn't get enough air in to hit notes I'm used to hitting or hold a note for a long period of time. He said these adhesions would have definitely hindered my breathing and singing ability. He showed me a picture of before and after of this area. My diaphragm was pushed so far up into my chest and the after picture shows it freed up, and now its back in its rightful place.

I'm digesting food much better, and am able to stand up straight, completely straight. This mass of adhesions were directly around, below and above my belly button. They pulled me down, and to my right side, causing me to stand off kilter. I can see how this affected my posture, caused my back pain and making a disc bulge and why my knee was injured. Imagine yourself being pulled inward at your belly button like you have an invisible knot there, and every day the knot gets pulled tighter, and tighter, until it causes you to stand hunched over. You can't eat without your stomach becoming full of air, and then your stomach distends so much you can barely breathe. In a matter of seconds you can look 9 months pregnant. Imagine a burning, and often stabbing pain that never stops across your midsection, and hurts more if it is constricted in any way. That was me.

Now, I am the 50 foot Woman and I'm FREE! I'm Free! Free to stand tall, sleep without pain, sing like I have a built in mic, and eat food without fear. I am so grateful and thankful for my health, my surgeon, Dr. Onders, for my Superman for not giving up until we found a doctor who could "fix" me, and for each of you who've supported me, and prayed for me. Thank you all! Now I just have to find some clothes that will fit a 50 Foot Woman!

Just leave me a quick comment that says, "Work IT, girl! Work it!"

PS... leave me a comment, too, if you have your Hope Rocks pictures up on your blog so I can give you a shout out and link back to you! Hope Rocks has gone world wide peeps! People are responding like crazy... good crazy! If you are on facebook, please hit the Like button on the Hope Rocks page. You can click HERE to find it.


  1. Work it, girl, work it! I'm SO happy for you. There is nothing like a pain that becomes so in grained that you can't even remember a time when you didn't have it. So nice to hear about the successful surgery...And I have posted my first posting about Hope Rocks. Check it out:

  2. Work it, Sis! Everything is falling into place... no pun intended. I'm so thrilled the surgery was successful!

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better !!!

  4. Fantastic! Work it, girl!! So wonderful that you have been 'recreated' again into a 'new' woman....someone so tall, strong and excited too about all the new opportunities that now await... so much to enjoy and appreciate.
    Hugs xxxx


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