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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Herd of Honey Bees

Look at this herd of honey bees! These bees are clustered so tightly on the yellow light, you can't see an inch of color or light. It's interesting they chose only the yellow light to perch on, don't you think? Why? I don't know. I just know I was mesmerized by the sleepy, docile bees that morning in mid July when I took this shot in downtown Pittsburgh. This picture reminds me that life is full of choices. I'm relieved, and ecstatic, about the choice I was given yesterday regarding the situation with my health.

I had hoped to get great results but you know how fear can rob you of any peace when you're waiting for results to come back from medical tests. [gakkk!!!] It's the waiting that is truly the hardest. I know many of you out there understand 2000% exactly how this feels.

All the medical tests I had done came back far better than I expected!! There is no scar tissue or adhesion's inside my "pipes". The doctor said they are all on the outside [technically inside my abdomen wall] which means there's no blockage in my digestive track. This is a fabulous diagnosis! Furthermore, he has left it up to me to decide when I want to have him go in and remove the nasty rubber band-like tissues from my abdomen. This can be done with a laparoscopy procedure which is not too invasive. So there is NO immediate surgery in my future!!! Happy Sassy Sah-Weet Monkey Pants!

I look at the picture of the bees as a symbolic measure of how to proceed from here. The caution light is totally covered in a herd of happy, busy bees. The bees are not worried about tomorrow or yesterday. They are in the moment, living as zealously as they possibly can. Yesterday I was given the freedom to stop or go. I choose to step off the curb, and walk toward my future. I choose to approach 2010 with as much peacefulness about my life, and choices, as those bees were covering the yellow light.

So with that said.... I'll spend the rest of today in my studio finishing Lisa's [contest winner] painting, and will make some plans to decorate for Christmas this next week. I held off doing any decorating because I didn't know if I was going to need surgery or not. But now I have a herd of happy honey bees in my britches! That ought to give me a sassified bounce in my walk--don't you think??? Oh baby!

Plus, I will continue to plot my course in eating healthy. I'll be posting my weight loss tomorrow night. And you know what else?????? I didn't need my night light for the last 3 days! I was the night light! Thanks to the Barium cocktails!

*hums "You light up my life.."
as she scurries upstairs to the studio*


  1. I'm glad to know your results were benign and I love your interpretation of the bees. It's spot on!

  2. This is great news, and just what you need to give your healthy new year the "green light."

  3. so glad the news was good and you are feeling so "up!"

  4. I got creeped the heck out just now! I didn't know you had music on your blog because I typically have my sound it's on and very low LOL

    I'm SO glad things are looking good! (and rad pic)

  5. It is said, that bees as well as honey consists of medicine.

    A wonderful Sunday for you.

  6. I'm going to have to sew some Christmas lights on to the butt of my monkey pants and do a happy dance for you!

  7. I'm very happy for you and I love the picture of the bees.

  8. Better a buzz in your pants than a bee in your bonnet, {;-]}

  9. wow, that's great news!
    I know 2000% how you felt waiting for the results...
    Enjoy your honey bees :) and painting!
    Have a great Sunday!

  10. Hi Lille Diane,
    Came bfy to say hello8.

  11. That is grand news then ! May you totally enjoy the holidays with no worries...

    And what a wild bunch of bees on the yellow light, hopefully they didn't cause any accidents for people who might not have realized the lights were changing.

    It's been a while, hope you are well, it sounds like it...

  12. Great news! And I love the picture - why did they choose orange? Maybe they thought it was a big fat queen honey bee!

    By the way - stop by my blog and you will see what happened regarding the house move (you get a mention!)

  13. That bee shot is scary and amazing. Congrats on the green light to your health.

  14. Congrats on the fantastic news and YAY BEES and PAINTING :)

    Hope your xmas shopping is going well!

  15. Wow what an interesting picture. And many congrats on the positive result of your tests. Wishing you the best for 2010 too. Have a great week :)

  16. Phew! So glad the results are good. And thrilled to hear of your positive attitude. Take it one day at a time and be well.


  17. Oh the bees follow the queen... Hmmm I think you just might be a sassy pants queen bee!! You've got us all following you dancing for Joy about your news. A great big shout out for you! OH YAH BABY!!! (Ok so it sounds better coming from my brother in law) Great news on the tests. Love and Light, Nina P


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