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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


New art, "Gratitude Reigned on Her Parade", by Lille Diane
I'm taking an art class, The Goddess and the Poet" with Suzi Blu.
This painting is inside a journal book.
YOU can do this too!
It's an online class & Suzi is a great teacher!


  1. How wonderful to be able to see you and hear your voice. You are so cute! I'm glad you are making progresss and hope you'll be able to sleep well soon. Lova ya' right back, Diane!

  2. How cool is that!? Love your painting!! Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. You've got the cutest of facial expressions!

    It's great to see and hear you :D

  4. Good to hear you are doing better. Congrats on the one year without smoking. The insomnia would be bad, I don't have it but I am a night owl. Look into Valerian for the insomnia, it's a natural herb that does work.


  5. Great to see you creating! Art is definitely medicine for the heart which in my terminology would be the "emotional centre".

    The "vids" are a great idea! Looking forward to more.

    "keep on creating"


  6. wow that is gorgeous...!!

  7. Now that I've studied it, it reminds me a bit of Cher, when she worn those artistic headdresses.

    I do hope you get some sleep... whatever it takes! Without it, you will be sickly! Yuck!

  8. :oD Lurrrrvd seeing you on the video!!!

  9. I hope you get some rest.
    Have you tried melatonin ?

  10. Wonderful Painting and Post! I love the song "Everything's Going to be All Right!" So true! Keep the Faith dear one! And yes using the "energy" and turning it around to create, motivate and release. Take a blank canvas, (or page) close your eyes and just let your hand go where it may. Don't stop it, don't try to move it, just let that inner energy, frustrations, or whatever out. Don't second guess the colors, or lack thereof, you might pick up.... Don't worry what it "looks like"... just let it go, let it out.... Each night, add to the same canvas/paper in the same way.... Leave the creation and look at it at another time/another day. See what message it is trying to convey, release... what emotion is there.... It's a creative release of self
    I do so love your site and your spirit. Keep moving one breath at a time! Keep sharing and keep being gentle with yourself. We each are changing every moment of every day. Every breath, every cell is constantly changing, adapting, creating and letting go of the past.... Breathe deep my friend, breathe in the energy of Life and breathe out that which is no longer needed. You are a Dear and Loving soul!
    Blessings to you and yours. Happy Holidays! Love and Light, Nina P

  11. I enjoyed your video...ver;y nice to see (I mean hear) you...Hope sleep is better this week.

    Keep up your art work, writing...creativity does wonders for the soul...

    Happy holidays...


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