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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tales of the Titmouse

Topa Topa Mountain in Ojai, CA.
The Pink Moment
The brief moment when the sunset turns the mountain face a radiant pink.

Yesterday a long awaited gift arrived. It's a gift that spent 20 years (probably more than twenty) traveling through the heart, and mind, of a talented soul searching for just the right words, and message to send to its readers. The gift is a newly published book by my dear, long time friend, Pamela Barrett. "Tales of the Titmouse", One Woman's Journey Out of Darkness, you can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE.

I remember Pam reading excerpts over the phone to me in the late 80's, and being mesmerized by every word. I stood there with the phone cupped to my ear, and knew Pam was on her way to becoming a published author. Pam and I go way back to the early 70's. I used to work for her Dad as a waitress in his restaurant/coffee shop (I worked for him years later at another restaurant in Ojai, CA, named the Sand Dollar, where many of my friends in the band, The Country Z Men, went on to play with Jimmy Messina, and Clint Black). Pam helped him manage the coffee shop and played hostess with the mostest.

It's in this very same restaurant I met another dear friend, Penny (she's featured in the book) who later became my maid of honor at my wedding. Penny was my ultimate roll model for becoming a hippy, a true hippy. Her husband was an artist, and hanging out at her house was sheer bliss for me--an aspiring artist, musician and hippy-wanna-be-flower-child. I spent many hours curled up at Penny's feet in her plant shop gleaning life skills, and ideas of what to do with my life.

Sweet, sweet Ojai, CA, "The Valley of the Moon" as it is called by the Chumash Indians. Locals also refer to it as the "nest". Although the three of us no longer live there, Ojai will forever live in us. The pictures taken of me with my band Silver Rose were taken in front of a house both Pam and I lived in. Our lives have criss-crossed, and paralleled in so many ways, you'd have thought we planned it that way. We didn't. Perhaps it's because all three of us have a genuine hunger for spiritual matters, and long for our Higher Powers to lead us on a path of understanding, love and serenity.

Pam's story will remind you of how we are all searching for answers, for truth, for love, for acceptance, but especially for hope. If you need a gift of encouragement for someone you love, or yourself, please add "Tales of the Titmouse" to your list of must haves. You can find Pam at her blog, Sister Gilby Says.

Congratulations, Pam. I'm so very, very proud of you for making it to the finish line. You give all of us with stories to tell, and write, hope. Thank you~ Behind Pam is the painting, John Barrett, her artist husband did for the cover of the book. You should see the Christmas card he made me!!! These two make each other shine, and I am in awe of how their gifts came together in a such a perfect union.
I'm not going to give any details of what is inside the book except once you start reading it--you will not be able to put it down....


  1. How can an author go wrong with a wonderful title like that!

  2. sounds like a wonderful read and what a lovely lady!

  3. Love your blog's new look. I will look into this book. Need a good read.

  4. I'm puttin' it on my list... (Gotta see what that gov't check looks like come January.) You won't give us a single hint? Hmm... Maybe on her blog page...

  5. Hehe.... Yes! She gave hints on her blog. And, of course, I told her you sent me. And yeah, I had to follow her, too!

  6. Green the colour of hope.

    Felt for a brief moment as if time had returned, as the title became again the one I knew when I saw your site for the first time back in spring.

    Impressive and nice also the new header!

    Please have a wonderful Sunday.
    p.s.: don't know why but last comments seem to have disappeard, sorry for that.

  7. After reading your post about "Tales of a Titmouse", with a lump in my throat and chills, I ordered the book! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

  8. After reading your post about "Tales of a Titmouse", with a lump in my throat and chills, I ordered the book! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

  9. The first few pages are available on Amazon. Reads tight and moves along well. A memoir eh? Things we used to do when younger still have some pull to them.

  10. Hooray for Pam!!

    And, I love you band pic. You're super sassy :D

  11. ~~Snow... You are so correct!

    ~~Kath... Big thumbs on both the book & the author. I may be somewhat [ok a lot] biased but I am also picky.

    ~~Eva... Thank you, so much. Superman encouraged me to use this piece as my header. You know how artist's are... The book is a must have. I'm so happy you're going to get it. Thank you~

    ~~Lily... You will love this book, Lily. I have no doubts. hints. That would be like telling you what's in the package/gift before you open it. =]

    ~~Robert... Yes, it is back to the old me. The phrase "This Time Tomorrow" has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. And thank you for letting me know what the color green means. Hope. I like that~ Hugzzz to you, too, my dear friend~

    ~~Wendy... welcome to the Lily Pad. I am happy to have you here. I spoke with Pam & John today, and told them about your enthusiasm about the book. made all 3 of our days bright! You have a special way of doing that, with your art & your words. Thank you~

    ~~Mark... Coming from you... that's quite a compliment. I shared with Pam & John today what a good friend you've been to me, and how you eat words for breakfast like cheerios. And yes, sometimes those are exactly the memoirs that need to be told. Hindsight is a powerful thing. You know that one all too well... I am sure of that. How else could one write with as much depth and grit as you do??

    ~~Mother Moon... Thank you. I'm grinning like a rainbow~

    ~~Steph... Both Pam & I have our sassy pants on... She appreciates you taking time to comment & so do I. Hugzzz


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