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Friday, December 11, 2009

Bed Head Babblings

I have bed head, my grandson has some, too, and I'm showing it off to the world. I'm also showing why you shouldn't be allowed to babble on your puter cam & post it to you tube.

Hey just sayin....

It's too late.... I'm already hooked. This is the beginning of something well.... how should I say it? Monkey pants meets you tube. Yeah, that says it best.

Bed Head Babbling click here


  1. Girl! You rock! Love you to death! And Opie too!

  2. If ever I do a vlog, it will definitely be while lying down. It makes our faces look SOOOO much younger!

  3. He looks very much like a little boy I used to know a long, long time ago!

  4. Were you naked when you made that vlog?

    Hey what? I can hope can't I?

  5. He's flippin' adorable!

    You know I've got something for your bed head over @ my blog :)

  6. I absolutely LOVE the new painting. It's so flower-child-Peter-Max-wonderful!

  7. I remember trying to create that bed head look for going out at night as if it was somehow alluring and dramatic.
    That, together with spandex and a pack of Marlboro's and I was the ultimate Madonna wannabe.


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