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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Wake Up Call

Looking at this picture I clipped from a video I made last week, I can see I had no idea in a few minutes I was about to learn something about myself that would give me a major wake-up call. Sometimes moments like these are the perfect gift to give yourself. The eye popping moments that shake you to your core, rock you & cause you to feel like you've just been hit by a stun gun. But in actual fact, I opened an early Christmas present given to me by the Universe. It's just what I needed to approach this next year with renewed determination. I'm sharing it with you.

I know I resemble a deer caught in the head lights in this picture, and rightly so. With these festive monkey pants adorning my back side, and bright blue top, I should be considered legally blind. If you are scratching your head, and wondering , "WTFlip are monkey pants?" Go to my sidebar where my Lilyputian Dictionary is. The definition is there, along with other unique words I've "fashion" together. I know I'm not the only one who makes words up.... ahem. Besides everyone needs a custom pair of monkey pants fitted just for them. And on some days, you just gotta wear what makes you happy even if you look like a huge sheet of wrapping paper....

Here's the gift I opened.
To Me, With Love From 2010, and beyond...
Click Here : A Wake Up Call


  1. You've got guts girl! I could not do that. No way! If it said that about you, I'd hate to see what it rates me! I probably have a 99-yr-old wii bod!

    I don't think you're so much out of shape as just not used to the wii thing yet. Time will tell. You're inspiring me...

  2. I'll pass on all of it 'cept the tripping part.

  3. Maybe I'm just old fashioned.If you are comfortable wearing Santa's underwear, what's the problem?Looks fine to me!This being out of shape thing is driven by magazines.Nothing better than a wholesome woman!

  4. I said it before and I'll say it again! I like your monkey pants! lol

  5. Lily R is right- you are gutsy! Love it :D

    Don't forget to give me your addy you WON Ms Monkey Pants!!

  6. Amazing as always

  7. Oh, if you are 69 then I MUST be at least 75. This is scary, this is a wake up call for me too......I was hoping for a wii for xmas but now maybe I'm glad i didn't get one....but also a little guilty for feeling that way.........ooooo....need to go think about this for a bit...........oooooooo


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