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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fleas On My Dog

Opie's singing his favorite Christmas song. Around here, we all join in singing this silly Christmas song. I've been known to sing it in at the check out line at a store. Seriously. Out loud. Try it when you're getting a little stressed out from all the things you still have to do before Christmas. Sing it in while you're circling the mall parking lot for the 13th time trying to find a parking space. It will make you feel happier, I promise. It's good medicine.

Repeat song as needed.

I just finished my first batch of Hope Rocks.
Read the post below this one
to get the info on what the Hope Rocks mean.

I recycled some rocks I had used in a fountain until it thaws enough outside for me to find some in the yard. These had a polished finish so I kept it simple and used metallic gold and silver markers by Pilot. On Monday I'm scheduled to get an EKG and while I'm there I plan to distribute my Hope Rocks. I have to get the EKG to make sure I'm ready for the surgery I'm having on December 29 to remove some nasty scar tissue in my abdomen that's been causing me a lot of pain and discomfort.

I'll admit it's a little scary, OK a lot scary. I had some adhesions removed during another surgery almost 2 years ago that had stuck my liver and intestines together but my doc said there's lots more, and referred me to a G.I. doctor. The G.I. guy told me when I couldn't stand the pain any more to let him know and he'd remove it. But after a recent C Scan he decided to refer me to a specialist. That specialist just happened to be the doctor that helped Christopher Reeves after his traumatic accident. I thinks it's a sign I will be in good hands seeing how he operated on Superman. But I'm still having some anxiety about it. I would certainly appreciate any prayers and good thoughts you could send my way.

My plan of attack for my anxiety is to use my Hope Rocks to help me get through it. On Monday while I'm at the hospital getting my EKG, I'll have a pocket full of Hope Rocks to leave in various places. I know there are people facing far worse situations than myself, and my hope is that they will receive the gift of hope when they find one of the Hope Rocks. I prayed for each rock as I drew Hope on them and visualized good things for the people who'll find them. I believe the Hope Rocks will manifest hope in their hearts and will be the answered prayer they'd hoped to receive. Giving to others when you are in pain or are hurting in any manner can help ease your own pain. I'll be humming Fleas on my Dog even though Christmas will be over.

I know Christmas will be beautiful this year. I'll be surrounded by people I love and they love me. I have so much to be thankful for. I just hit my 2 year mile marker for quitting smoking. I married Superman, my very own super hero, this year. I have beautiful grandchildren (Birdie loves each one of you!!) and beautiful children. I have the best family in the world and the most amazing friends. These are the things I will think about when I get scared, and of course Opie singing his favorite Christmas song.

There are several people playing along with Hope Rocks even though the official start date isn't until January 6, 2011!! How cool is that?! Thank you so much, Dee, Cowgirl Red, Sandy and Leisanne for joining me to share some Hope for the holidays. I can't wait to see your rocks and hear about where you placed them! Please leave a comment if you participated with me in the Hope Rocks play along so other people will know to go see what you did with your Hope Rocks.

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
From the bottom of my heart!
Happy Holidays, my dear friends!
See singing silly songs does give you peace.
Just look at Opie Taylor below.
Feliz Navidad!

Oh and in case everyone missed the winners of my Caption Contest they are;
Lily from Blahwg! Life on, and Off the Farm
Tera from Olive Hue Designs
Relyn from Come Sit By My Fire

I decided to award all 3 people who left witty captions. I wasn't feeling well for a few weeks and dropped the ball on asking for people to vote for the funniest ones. Thank you for playing along, Lily, Tera and Relyn. Your prize of my Poppy Love set of four greeting cards will be sent out as soon as I get your mailing addresses confirmed. Muahhhhs!


  1. Merry Christmas, Lille and good luck with the surgery!

  2. Awww... Secret Agent Man and I were just singing that exact same song with our kitties this morning! :)

    And sorry I wasn't around sooner...after being awful sick for a couple weeks and then inundated with all my lovely family, I have dropped the ball on my blogging a bit!

    Anyway, your email was a nice reminder to come see you, which I needed to anyway, your blog always makes me happy and feel "ahhhh."

    A very Merry Christmas to you and all your lovely loved ones! Wishing you peace, joy, more peace, and happiness! Muah!


  3. Merry Christmas!
    I'll make sure to think of you and send positive energy on the 29th. Take care,

  4. Yay, yay, yay! I WON, I WON! THank you so much! I'll email you soon with my information. Thank you. Well, I didn't get here in time for Christmas, but I wanted to stop by and wish you the merriest of Christmas seasons. I hope the day itself was wonderful and I hope that the coming week is full of joy. May you find laughter with friends, affection and joy with family, short return lines, and lots of great deals during after-school shopping. I want to thank you for your inspiring blog and for dropping by mine. You have made my year richer and fuller and sweeter. Merry, happy, joyous New year!! Much love, Relyn


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