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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PTSD & Creativity for Healing Part Two

"Surrounded by Angels" by Lille Diane
Watercolor 11 x 14

Here's the final excerpt of my story PTSD & Creativity for Healing Part Two about how I'm using art to heal from post traumatic stress disorder I got after a bad auto accident. The story is featured on Michele Rosenthal's blog, "Heal My PTSD". Please feel free to share these links with others who may need a healing, helping hand to overcome PTSD, anxiety disorders or stress related illness. Just click on the picture. It will take you there.

(Here's the link for Part One if you missed it. Click Here.)

PTSD is not a disease that happens just to people in the armed forces, or police officers, or fire fighters. It happens to everyday people like you or myself who have experienced trauma of any kind. If you continue to isolate, or experience fears and/or anxiety about life or situations you feel are out of your control, please seek help. Michelle offers one on one counseling, support and has lots of free help for you or your loved ones. Her blog is a goldmine of resources for people seeking to heal from PTSD, depression, anxiety and stress related diseases. Her site is a safe place to begin the first steps to heal. You are not alone~

I'd love to hear your feedback on art, music, writing or any creative tools you've found that make your walk with life easier and how it's helped you. Your insights will help me & Michelle better help others. Leave me a message here or there. Thank you~


I've included some useful links in Part Two
to help you get started in using art to heal.


  1. I think I have never experienced major trauma but I do feel stressed and depressed easily from time to time. Reading helps me get through those times. It makes me focus on some other world, I guess.

    There are times that reading cannot help then I draw. Nothing in mind just let the lines flow. I think that helps more or less :-)

  2. I love this,
    oh, how I love this. I have used writing for healing my own experience with PTSD. I sometimes will paint, if the words won't come... sometimes the paint tells me everything that needs to be said. I love what you said about "just let the lines flow."

    My CED2010 check in of the week.

  3. ~Julie, Thank you so much for reading the article, and especially for sharing with me (us) that you deal with PTSD & how writing & art are such HUGE helpful, heart-full tools. You made my day, Julie!!

    PS thanks for the reminder about CED, too. We've been digging out after a huge snowfall. <3

  4. ~Pavinee, Thank you for stopping by & leaving a beautiful message/reminder about how we can alleviate symptoms of stress & depression with art & reading. I appreciate your visit & sharing your experiences with us. Hugzz~

  5. Hi Lille Diane,
    I am thrilled that I came across your blog. Your art is wonderful, and your voice is amazing!
    Thank you for sharing. It is a comfort to connect with someone, and that there is so much that resonates with my own story.
    I am a mixed media artist living in London Ontario. I began my art shortly after I became too sick to work. I was diagnosed with PTSD at an early age, but I tried to bury it away and I did so until I couldn't keep going anymore. I had to seek help.
    My art means so much to me. It is the reason I get up in the morning. My feelings often come in the context of shape and colour. Sometimes it is easier to explain myself visually rather then verbally. Most importantly, my art is my effort to focus on the positives in my life and in the world. It is my way of trying not to get lost in the darkness.
    Last month I began a blog to be a place to share my experiences. I want to be honest and begin a dialogue about mental health, but I try to keep it positive.
    I would love it if you came and took a look some time, when you have the time.
    I am really going to enjoy following your story.


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