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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tuesday Through The Winter Window (1)

Out my studio window today.
I fed the birds, squirrels & critters my leftover pumpkins.

I'm participating in a fun, three week blog photo hop showing the views out our windows on Tuesdays during this special time before Christmas. Julie, at Swedish House, has titled this fun photo op, Tuesdays Through My Winter Window. You can take a shot of your world out any window of your house, barn, garage, shed, etc., then post a link back to her blog so we can see the beauty from other people's windows worldwide. It's only 3 weeks & easy peasy. Besides... it will no doubt fill your heart with lots of winter beauty, holiday cheer and joy as you breathe in all the beauty that surrounds us.

Let me know if you decide to do this so I can see your wonderful pics!


  1. Hej Lille

    You did play along and join in ;-D
    Thank you for sharing and linking
    Wonderful view or your bird table/feeder and bath, soo colourful with the pumpkins dotted around and about it. I love nature.
    I love your winter window view.
    Happy December Days...

  2. Hi Julie! yes, I did. How could I resist something so creative as this? Looking forward to seeing other people's windows on your blog, too. xx Lille (lily)

  3. hmmm they may want pumpkins heated up!!!! just sayin is all....LOL

  4. sorry my friend missed the message aboot this love the wee feeder love and light


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