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Friday, November 12, 2010

Caption Contest

Out Takes from our wedding pix.
The ones you hope no one sees...
Let's have a Contest!!

Write caption for these 2 out take pics below.
Groovy prize shown below

It appears Superman is busy
texting right before our wedding!!

Far from it.
He's taking pictures of my hair on his phone.
Told you he is Super.
but you get the drift....

Then there's this one.
WTFrench toast was I thinking??
Bending over like that
hunting for Lawd knows what...
during our wedding photo shoot?

Go ahead!
You know you have a zinger
on the tip of your tongue
about my backside
or what "you" think Superman is thinking
while he's holding the bouquet.

Superman is not ruffled
for one minute holding the bouquet.

Click on the picture to see
more detail in his calm, loving face.

This is clearly a picture of a man understanding
THE moment and its beauty.


Sassiest caption for either of these wins!
Leave it in the comment section.
Submit as many as you'd like.
Link back here to this post
on your blog to help
spread the word.

Keep captions/comments respectful for all to read
No need for fowl (cluck) or inappropriate language.
Tongue in cheek captions? Why of course!
Please do!
We'll post all captions in an upcoming post
for you to vote for your favorite.

Spread the word
This official contest starts today, Friday November 12.
Ends next Friday November 19, 2010
Winner will win a set (4 cards total)
of Woodstock Lily's greeting cards
in her acrylic series, (blank inside)
"Poppy Love" from her
SunSeed Studio Card Collections


  1. Pic #1: "Oh, don't be mad. I'm just checking the scores."

    Pic #2: "Why didn't you go before we left the hotel?"

  2. OMGosh, Lily!!! I knew I could count on you to make me widdle myself. Too funny!!!

    Come on peeps! Keep em' rollin'!!!!!

  3. What an incredibly fun idea! I love it. You know, though. I can't beat Lily's. I do have to tell you - you are absolutely beautiful. What wonderful wedding.

    #1 Aww, honey. I was just texting the guys about how good you look. Really.

    #2 Now where did I put that bug spray?? It's got to be here somewhere.

  4. Hi Relyn and welcome to my blog!

    These are great captions! I will let Miss Lily know she has some competition. Thank you for such kind comments, and joining in on the fun. Hugzzzz

  5. I keep coming back and looking at your pictures. They are so wonderful! I have no captions, but I love #2 and the look on your honey's face. Peace, love and patience abound! :)

  6. How about, "I thought I heard a cat in here!?" You know how they like to sneak into bags and things!


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