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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot Topics

'In Full Bloom'
Prismacolor pencils, and ink

Hot Topics and Updates
  • I'm almost finished with this piece. A little more shading and blending left to do. Can you say, "~Psychedelic, baby~"?
  • Superman and I are headed to Florida on Tuesday for a smooch fest on Jax, our grandson, whom we're meeting for the first time!!! Can you say baby belly raspberries?????
  • Opie is taking a vacation at Dylan's Summer Camp. (He's primping as I type...) Can you say, "Spoil me, Dylan."? Cuz she certainly will.
  • Wonder Dog, our distinguished George Clooney of the dog world, is going to be laying back at his Canine Club in town. Can you say pampered pooch hotel?
  • Barney, Opie's fishy, will be hanging out with a rock star (Jake) while we're tugging on Jax' adorable, chunky legs like a wishbone. Barney will probably be sporting a hawk when we pick him up. Can you say give that fish a mic?
  • We just completed week one of our remodel. Knocked a wall out. Closed a door up. Pulled carpet up, and totally confused Opie and Wonder Dog. Can you say, "We liked it the way it was..." ??? Pix coming soon
  • Superman and I are making our wedding plans. Can you say , "Fly me to the moon, Superman!"? Cuz that's where we're eloping to. No, actually it is much prettier than the moon where we're going. Announcement coming soon.


  1. This post sounds so happy and upbeat! I'm thrilled for you that all is going well in your life!

  2. Great List!
    Keep us updated...
    Isn't summer with grandsons fab?!

  3. Enjoy your baby smooching, tugging love fest in Florida. Love your new piece and all those hot colors... so appropriate for this extreme heat so many of us are getting! Can't wait to see your remodeling pics. Have fun!

  4. W O W !! I mean she is seriously UNBELIEVABLE!! I can't stop looking at her(O:

  5. I love that picture, very colourful, can't wait till it's done,
    You seem to be So busy right now and have time to draw. I'm impressed.

  6. Your blog is looking great - lovin the colours - could never be too psychadelic as far as I'm concerned!!
    I love your picture too. We had a cartoon in the UK called Crystal Tips - and she had gorgeous hair like that!

  7. Thank you for visiting me. I love your blog, its such an explosion of colour! Your picture looks gorgeous. I especially like the big flower. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xo

  8. What a happy blog post! Everything sounds so wonderful, and your lady is so bright and pretty!
    I'm so happy you sound so happy. Hugs to you and Opie-pie! :)

  9. Love the bright colors in that drawing! Aren't Prismacolors the BEST colored pencils???

  10. Oh wow! Busy summer and loads of happiness to you all! Loving the baby belly raspberries--sweet! Have great travels and safe journeys!

  11. OMG - she is gorgeous! I am mesmerized by all the rich detail and fabulous colors. So much juicy inspiration here - I love it!

    xo Lis (coming over from CED)

  12. Beautiful work, colors...!
    Big kisses from Croatia.
    Zondra Art


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