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Monday, August 2, 2010

Superman Shot Me

Superman did a photo shoot with me in our backyard a couple of days ago. It's hard not to smile from your toes when a real live super hero is telling you over and over how mahhhhvelous you look as he snaps and snaps and begs for more. See why I love this man? I'll add the complete set later to my Pictures of Lille.

Jax and Birdie (moi) at the beach

We had such a lovely time in FL. We absolutely fell madly in love with Jackson, our newest grandson. Superman & I did manage not to eat him up completely even though his toes, his nose, his fingers, belly and thighs told us to. Repeatedly! Why else would they call them "Grand" babies? Cuz they are GRAND!

We've been fluffing the Fortress and are moving the rest of my things over from the Lily Pad. [Aren't you curious how one fluffs a Fortress??] Stay tuned for peeks at the new remodel on our nest. Plus a fun way to include you in our wedding.

But first...
Here's a little video from our trip to FL.


  1. Your grandson is such a cutie. I am glad that you enjoyed your time in Florida. I am in Tampa and currently wishing that I was some place cooler:>

  2. Wow, Superman is a keeper. Love both pictures. Looks like you both were made for pictures!

  3. Jackson looks like an adorable little handful! I know you had fun with him and made lots of memories.
    Just had my second grandchild on June 11th, so that's what this summer's been all about. (Pix on my blog - Whee~ )

  4. Your grandson is adorable.And Superman is definitely super! Your photo shows a lovely woman in love - with life, with him!

  5. Love the sounds and sights of that video! Beautiful!

  6. So FUN to watch on a wintery day here <3

  7. OK, I think I've already read this one. It's cool being senile... you can enjoy the same stuff over and over again!


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