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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Inside My Art Studio

The studio is coming along nicely.
Granted, with the remodel,
it is crammed full of things
that don't belong in it.
But I can still create
to my heart's content...

See the Christmas stocking
hanging on the side
of my Idea Board?
Nolly Posh from the land of OZ
made it for me.
It's made out of felted wool.
I keep it up
all year long.
My studio is full
of things that stimulate
my creative flow
or simply make me

When I was a teenager
growing up in southern CA
I wanted to become a hippie
when I grew up...
And I did.
Along with the 289
other things I dreamed of doing.
Isn't it fun becoming anything
you want to become???

Peace, Love & Learning

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  1. Oh X:-) and that makes meee haPPy tOO! *kisses*

  2. Wow I hope when I get my new studio it looks half and wonderful as yours. Love it !
    x Bee

  3. Great photos; it's like getting a peek inside your head!

  4. How HaPpY and bright! Your art work is amazing!!!
    Shine on!

  5. Yummy!!! It is like a visual gum drop! Love it!

  6.'s so PRETTY !!!!
    You have a wonderful space...and lovely art.
    I'm happy for you ~

  7. Popping over from CED - love the colors in your studio! A feast for the eyes.

  8. Beautiful studio!!! I have a christmas stocking that hangs year round in mine too- same reason...a dear friend gave it to me and it makes me happy to see it :) I love all the colors- and I love the hippy sign too :)

  9. WOW!! loving the studio, the colors the creative stimulation it's going to be so much fun for you when everything is done!

  10. Love your studio and your artwork! what a wonderful place to create!

  11. your blog and artwork is all so beautiful and colorful! thank you so much for all of the inspiration! you've so made me smile :)


  12. Love your studio, full of vibrant energy!

  13. Such a decor always reminds of eclectic places such as antique shops, second hand, and junk shops.....where one can find the most unusual and the most intriguing. I was in a farmhouse north of Prince George, recently, which is owned by an interesting pair in their 70s. Built by the two of them it holds treasures of all manner both outside and inside.

  14. the studio's looking great... I love the stocking and the hippie sign.

  15. Wow what an amazing place you are so lucky - love the colours!


  16. Wow! How awesome! I am still making art at my kitchen table....I am now very inspired to create a studio of my own. Thanks, peace and blessings.

  17. Your studio is wonderful! ...just like you! Love the colors!

  18. Love all the color on your blog. Sounds like such a rough time for you but you seem to have an uplifting attitude. Sending my best. Kimxxoo


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