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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Through The Winter Window (3)

When I found my beloved bed frames at a
yard sale I immediately saw them
in my yard--not the bedroom.
Add some snow and you have winter lace.

The shapes I see out my window
this brisk morning in northern OH
fluctuate with movement
and rigid form.

Soft, and fluffy as cotton balls,
stacked like pancakes atop
a sleeping Shepherd's hook,
snow waits for a thaw or
a subtle wind to blow it
onward, upward or out of sight.
Today out my winter window
I hope it stays awhile.
It truly makes me smile.

Every window frames the splendor of winter.
Even where Opie Taylor, my sweet kitty, dines.
My studio is directly to the left of Opie's dining room.

Window treatments borrowed from nature
and neighbor's yards create an airy view.
This is decorating magic at its finest~

Winter bonnets on bird feeders
and slumbering bird baths
make me believe for a moment
that I'm at Disneyland.
Or in Sweden.
Or tucked inside a storybook
in a magical place only the wee ones get to see.

This morning's window brought me to a place
of gratefulness of being able to behold
the hands of God at work.
Or maybe it's play....
Yes, I'm quite certain it's play.

To see more of Tuesdays Through The Winter Window
visit Julie at The Swedish House.

Julie was in London this morning and I was surprised
to see what she saw when she woke up today.

Also, I want to encourage you to check out Creative Every Day. My dear friend, Leah Piken Kolidas, owner of Blue Tree Art Gallery, and founder of CED, is the lovely host. Leah invites everyone to come along for the journey of learning how to become creative doing every day things, in every day ways. You'll love the weekly themes she creates to help you look outside the box of limitations you may place on your creative mind. This week's theme is air. You could simply sit and mediate this week and practice being mindful of the way you're breathing. Or you could go all out and find ways to dry food in your oven. There is no pressure or demands, only encouragement from an amazing woman who loves to teach. Plus, you'll meet lots of inspirational people in the group who'll teach you ways to grow creatively, and help you see creativity is inside everyone--not just artists. It's just waiting for you to invite it to come out and play!

Join me, Leah, and hundreds of other people seeking to find ways to color their worlds with fun, with passionate joy, and with or without a paintbrush. This will be my third year to participate in CED, Creative Every Day. Come on! Before you know it you'll even find ways to bring creativity into the work place, the commute and especially the every day moments of living. Learn how to make your day a creative one, inside and out~


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