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Friday, April 23, 2010

Post Card From My Brain

I'll be back really soon. My writer's brain needed a hiatus. I'm not sure where it went but it sent me a post card saying;

Dear Woodstock Lily,

I refueling and will be back soon with some juicy, delicious output for you to play with. Don't worry. Kick your feet up and leave the creative hunting up to me. I'm bringing you back a super, uber, duper batch of inspiration. Sassy, baby!

Your Brain

PS... hold on to your monkey pantz, darlin'. I'm bringing back a truck load of fun.


  1. Enjoy your respite and good luck!

  2. How wonderful to learn, that there's still someone writing post cards nowadays.

    Please have a nice weekend.
    p.s.: am still fascinated by those pants, and wonder whether they are also available on this site of the Atlantic, as current times might make it neccessary to wear them.

  3. I'm missing you, Sis! Rest up... girl's night is coming!

  4. Bringin back a truckload of fun! Can't wait. Enjoy your time off.

  5. Haha we will hold on to our monkey pantz

  6. Fuel up and get ready for the race! in the words of someone I love: "Oh Yeah Baby"... We await your return. Blessings to you and your brain and loved ones. Love and Light, Nina P

  7. I'm really thinkin' I needs to gets me some of those Monkey Pantz!

  8. oooh I so get that my arty brain said something similar about a month ago...dont be gone too long or I'll be back with a big stick to poke you!!! LOL hang onto your pantz...whos wearin any nowdays!!!LOL


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