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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Here's To Survivors

We are all survivors of something; illness, accidents, adventures into the unknown, climbing trees, childhood, being a teenager, marriage, divorce, parenthood, first loves, break-ups, bankruptcy, storms, cancer.... the list could go on and on. This post is to celebrate Survivors everywhere.

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the auto accident that changed my life forever. As I look back, even at the really difficult times I thought would never end, I can see a journey that's taken me to places I may never have experienced had I not been in that van that fateful day on May 4, 2008. All four of us in the van, and witnesses, know without a doubt our lives were not supposed to end that day. Our missions here on Earth were not finished. And I think I can speak for all four of us when I say it gave each of us the desire to make the most of everyday and appreciate each breath we can still take. Every second is precious. Our hearts embrace the ways we can make a difference in our own small corners of the world. Every sunrise and sunset is a gift.

If you are a survivor, leave a comment to celebrate with the four of us in the van 2 years ago; Dylan, Stacey, Colleen, and I. Celebrate the spiritual awakenings you've had, the second chances, the new beginnings, or the ability to hug a loved one because you survived a near miss or a direct hit. Celebrate the fears you conquered. Celebrate the nights you couldn't sleep for worrying, and in the end, things weren't as bad as you thought they were. Celebrate your eyesight and ability to read or write. Celebrate new friends that come into your life just when you need them. Celebrate another day to be able to laugh right out loud, and behave as goofy as you want to. If you snort when you laugh that's another reason to celebrate.

I'm officially back from my blogging break. So much has happened I cannot wait to share it with you all. But for today let's just celebrate life with all its mysterious, wondrous twists and turns.

For my new readers you can read more about the accident that officially started this blog if you Please take a minute to post a comment about what you are celebrating surviving. I'm so glad you are here with me. Or should I say how happy I am to "still" be here with all of you~


  1. Oh ! you can't imagine how much I'm grateful for this entry of yours.
    Currently am celebrating to be a survivor and to be able to sing Christmas songs in the beginning of summer with 85F outside, because my son likes them best.
    Wishing you all the very best and a wonderful Wednesday as well.

  2. Dearest Robert~ You are a ray of sunshine wherever you go. I would love to hear you singing to your son. Ahhhhhh... Sweet Spring is here & Summer is near. Someday I will make it to Greece. A long time dream of mine. In the meantime, please sing a song of joy for me. =] Thank you for the warm welcome back to Blogville!

  3. I'm glad you survived.

    I'm a survivor too. It's been four and a half years since I woke up from my coma. It's not easy surviving but it gets better every day.

  4. Beautiful post Diane.....
    Surviving ....creatively...the ups and downs of living...Love your blog

  5. I'm celebrating with you, that the trials, hits and near misses in this life were survivable and that the young woman I knew in her 20's is an inspiration to so many today. Keep singing. love ya ;-)

  6. It's good to celebrate such things. Here's to you. For me? I guess I'll say 'surviving it all' and coming to New Zealand - I am so celebrating that!

    In a quiet way also grateful that I was not involved in a fatal crash that happened outside Christchurch on Saturday. Three people didn't survive it - prayers are with them.

  7. The world is that bit better for still having you here Lille Diane!

    Long life
    Honey in the heart
    No evil
    Thirteen thank you's :-D

    (a mayan prayer a good friend of mine taught me)
    Loving the elephant story, lol!

  8. I have survived too much chit to list but then I would not change much of it Lily. Sooner or later the demon may catch up to me but for now it can eat shit I am living.

  9. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog to introduce yourself! Your blog is fabulous.

    I know that you are still here for a reason, and I am so glad you survived that horrible accident. You are reaching so many people with your story, and I know you are making a difference in some lives.

    Hugs and love,
    (I hope you make it to Greece someday!)

  10. It's amazing what an impact an event like that can have on our outlook and entire life. Thanks for sharing your story!

  11. I am a survivor! ...many times over!

    I was nearly killed by a very large tree that was uprooted while I walked through the woods during a tornado. I was a child, but still have the scar on my head.

    I survived a physically abusive relationship.

    I survived after a diagnosis of 4th stage lymphoma!

    My life is filled with these steps that brought me here. I have learned so much by going through the valleys. I celebrate with you!

  12. You are so right - we are all survivors of something, and there is much to be celebrated. Thank you so much for the reminder. nancy

  13. My first visit to your blog has been a good one. Each day is a gift.
    I'll be back to see more...

  14. Hi my friend

    aye we are all survivors

    myself and Mel have come through cancer ,abuse and many other things but it has been an incredible wonderful journey somtimes sad funny happy tough all the things that make a wonderful rewarding life

    hugs and love from your hermit friends xxx

  15. I have never come close to death, but I have survived depression, divorce, loss of a parent, loss of a step child, loss of friends..Loss of Love that wasn't meant to be, and I celebrate love found, children grandchildren good health, joy at waking up each day, of the hope of growing old..
    The list can go on and on, but I think you understand. I am so glad that you are a survior. I always enjoy reading your post
    Welcome back to blogging

  16. so much to celebrate! already know what i've survived, but i'll say it anyway. i survived sexual abuse as a child, and now i'm celebrating getting better every day!

    thanks for a great post!


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