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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jelly Beans

I suddenly have a craving for some bubble gum, cotton candy and pink grapefruit Jelly Belly Jelly Beans..... I can't imagine why?

Thank you all for all the air hugs and loving thoughts sent our way this past month. We are doing much better. Jake , my Mom and I appreciate all the love, cards and prayers during this difficult time. I'll be blogging regularly now and filling everyone in on the wedding (1 1/2 weeks away YAY!!!) the remodel, new art work, book update, recording plans, my knee injury progress and so much more.

But in the meantime, would someone help me figure out why I have an urge to buy some pink jelly beans???


  1. Have you watched any Winnie the Pooh movies lately? :)
    In the Heffalump movie, Piglet is leaving little pink jelly beans for their trail home... but pooh keeps eating them!
    Just a thought. :)

  2. It's because they is magic beans X:-)

  3. I know you don't "do" awards, but I linked you anyway over at my place. Love your "new" pics (I haven't been visiting as much as I should I guess!) Hope you are having a fabulous fall so far!

  4. Hello Mrs Superman I came in search of wedding photos and found lots of other new stuff but not wedding photos. Here's to the two of you and I hope your honeymoon last a lifetime :) I think your little puddy kitten paws look like jelly beans - maybe it was subliminal suggestion from looking at his photo, lol :)

  5. Wow! happy wedding to you and Mr. Superman!!!

  6. I found this delight when I noticed you followed my blog.

    Having just visited Writers Rising...which I found on another blog.

    Both are great blogs! I write a little, paint a little. Words are a passion and I love bright colors.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope whatever has been wrong is not right!

    Thanks for the follow.......

  7. Because they're GOOD! Silly girl.

    I'm finally back to Blogville. I gave up thinking about reading everything I've missed... that would be impossible. I do have to scroll back though and visit your 'Superman Shot Me' post. You know I'm addicted to that smile...


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