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Sunday, May 3, 2009

If I could have a wish, I'd wish this time tomorrow my house would still smell like lilacs

Lilacs and freshly painted clouds fill the studio with a wondrous scent. The music I'm listening to is sweet; a reminder that my life is sweet, fragrant as lilacs, and as peaceful as the wisps of clouds on my canvas--paint still wet with endless possibilities, and hope of turning out to be a brilliant masterpiece.

Superman picked the lilacs for me from his garden outside his Fortress. Tim Gagnon, my art teacher, provided the lesson on painting clouds. Clouds are hard to paint I'm finding even though Tim makes it look so easy--effortless.

I am but a toddler splashing paint on my canvas; struggling with my brush, and my eye, to create magnificent clouds that resemble clouds like the one's Tim paints. I am better at painting people but I have wanted to paint clouds my entire life. Clouds like the ones that fill the big screen when Columbia Picture's vivid logo with the beautiful lady holding the torch up flashes in the opening credits. Behind her the sky is in flames and the clouds are pregnant with the pinks , lilacs and oranges of a sunset that takes your breath away. Maxfield Parrish clouds. Colorado sunsets, and like a sunset I saw one evening at dusk during a lightning storm over the Grand Canyon.

What is it about clouds that whisk me away? I love all clouds but I especially love the radiant cloud filled skies at sunset. Sometimes I just sit in my kayak watching the sky spin me like a kaleidoscope on the water. The reflections on the water at sunset remind me of a giant quilt. If I could only rub that glow on my skin I would wear it like a gown and nothing else. Yes, if I had my way, my eyes would be the color of lilacs, and my skin would have a rosy, sun-kissed glow like an autumn sky at sunset. And my paintings of clouds would cradle people's souls with comfort and remind them of an evening in May when the lilacs bloom.

How could a room full of the magical scent of lilacs not inspire one to paint such a masterpiece, and most importantly, truly believe that they can?

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